17 Wishes from an Adult with Autism

I am always really interested in hearing from adults with autism about who they are, how they see things, what they struggle with, what they are good at, what they want. Due to my profession, I am also especially interested in how they see their childhood and education; did they participate in early intervention, how is or was school. Here Kerry Magro, on the Official Autism Speaks Blog, lists 17 of his wishes. Nice. And yet what I noticed first was that he says autistic. I no longer remember if I have ever posted here about "that". I am so may things and I don't have them. If I were autistic, I would be autistic and not have autism. In my work life I cannot say autistic if I will not have the opportunity to go on and on explaining why I think saying autistic is the right way to refer to a person with the characteristic that define autism. And still, chances are 50/50 that people will not take it well, in my view, because they do not really understand what I am saying and how I feel. But I am waiting for a counter argument that will change my mind about why or why not saying autistic is OK. I here convey my love, admiration, interest, respect, fascination by the autistic.

17 Wishes from an Adult with Autism « Autism Speaks Official Blog