IQ Testing in the Autism Speaks Blog Today

My comments on AS disseminating this news piece on Psych Central today, October 3, 2011. Check a) the year when the Raven's issue came up and how often it has been revisited by novel studies or authors and b) the last time the Raven's was standardized. There is more detailed information that can make this claim more interesting and there are others tests with similar matrix type of subtests. I am not disputing that some kids with autism might score better on this type of test of intelligence. I question the very limited scope of the claim that we are underestimating intelligence because we are not using the Raven's. There is an interesting research question there but it has not been followed-up in the literature in any way that can be considered significant. And what is intelligence? What intelligence is assessed by the matrices? If an individual has very strong abilities in the matrices, but very weak abilities in other performance tests and verbal tests, how do we translate the information into appropriate ways to use it to the benefit of the person? Give us more, give us how to use the information to improve lives, independence, happiness, accessibility, education, community participation.
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