60 Minutes - Autism

Most kids are still diagnosed around 5 years of age and 1 in every 150 children are diagnosed.

Sally Rogers (Denver Model)
  • Early intervention is creating new connections in the brain
  • Behaviors can be reduced to the point that they are not obvious
  • Large range of severity and reactions to treatment

Sally Ozonoff (Baby Sibs)
  • Believes kids are born with autism
  • Wants diagnosis at 12 months but so far has not found a reliable marker
  • Uses eye tracking technology
  • Most reliable test so far has been answer to name at about 6 months of age - half the children who failed were diagnosed with autism

Stephen Goodman
  • A 60% increase in diagnoses of autism since the 1970s is claimed by some, but he believes rates have not increased much or at all and only seem so because of the diagnostic criteria widening in 1994, including Asperger's Syndrome for example.
  • We don't have reliable numbers from the past to compare to.
  • No evidence of Mercury involvement

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