Autism Awareness Messages - UN / US

The UN message for Autism Awareness Day 2012 talks about 
"... unacceptable discrimination, abuse and isolation experienced by people with autism and their loved ones."
Mr. Obama, firstly!!
"Meeting the needs of Americans on the autism spectrum remains a priority for my Administration."
The president:
  • Recognizes a "growing public health issue", that we have made great strides, but still have more to go toward making sure people with autism can "pursue their full measure of happiness and achieve their greatest potential"
  • Mentions progress in making insurance companies pay for treatment as well as a law that obliges them to include citizens in their parents' health plans until 26 years of age
  • Federal funding for research will continue to target improvement of independent living, assistive technology, and vocational rehabilitation services

He ends:
"I encourage all Americans to learn more about autism and what they can do to support individuals on the autism spectrum and their families."

At first I was a little thrown off by UN's message and didn't identify with it. But quickly I regained thinking capacity and realized that the US is really very far away from the rest of the world when it comes to autism awareness, research, treatment, services. So let's celebrate what has been achieved, continue to try to improve (e.g., stop pseudoscience) and do what we can for the rest of the world, starting with being aware of "a rest of the world."