Cool Easy Homemade Reinforcers

If you read frequently you will know that this is an unusual post in the ABA Blog. But my friend, artist, super mom and blogger Estéfi Machado, just created these and I believe they can make great reinforcers.

It's super easy and looks great on light and dark!

We just need jars with lids, neon bracelets party, and school erasers (in the photos she has moster themes erasers). 

  • First bend the bracelets. Remember they shine only when we bend them until you feel the cracking! And if you do not break it, the fluid will not drip.
  • Then cut the tip on the bracelet and let it drip. Let it drip because the droplets spread, making the coolest effect. Mix colors and it is even more amazing!
  • Then close with hot glue and glue the eraser monster on top of the lid.

Important note, especially because my readers, unlike hers, are likely involved with children with autism, requiring extra10 safety precautions. "This should be made by the parents and the fluid, according to the package, is non-toxic but could cause irritation if in contact with the eyes."