Reliable Information About Science in Autism Treatment

I still have not come across any comparable free resource. The ASAT newsletter, SIAT - Science in Autism Treatment - is always packed with trustworthy, up to date, varied, information. One of a kind. Subscribe for free. Download the latest issue to check it out. Or all previous issues.

"Consistent with our mission to provide accurate, science-based information about autism and treatments, ASAT resumed publication of Science In Autism Treatment in the summer of 2009. This free, quarterly e-newsletter features:

- Invited articles by leading advocates of science-based treatment
- Clinical Corner responses to frequently asked questions about autism treatment
- Consumer Corner descriptions of resources that can guide and inform treatment decisions
- Ethics Corner discussions of the array of ethical/professional issues surrounding autism and its treatment
- Detailed summaries of specific treatments for autism
- Book reviews
- Highlights of our Media Watch efforts
- Reviews of published research to help consumers and professionals understand and access the science
- Critiques of policy statements related to autism treatment
Interviews with those advancing science based treatment and confronting pseudoscience
- Discussion of accurate and inaccurate portrayals of autism and its treatment by the media
- Announcements about upcoming conferences of interest
- Guidelines to help consumers access effective treatments
- Links to helpful resources and articles already offered on www.asatonline.org"