Took Kits by Autism Speaks

These can be really helpful. Even more helpful if you have competent professionals to help you if you case is very challenging.

I reviewed the Transition Toolkit as one of my sources for a piece for Science in Autism Treatment - SIAT -, the newsletter of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment - ASAT, Summer Issue, page 18. The newsletter has links to that source and many others, relevant especially n the US.

You can learn more about ASAT here. And about SIAT here; this is something you will look forward to receiving.

The latest Autism Speaks Tool Kit covers blood work! There is a parent and a professional version and to download the PDF you need to give some brief information to AS, which is pretty reasonable. These files are not yet available in the Tool Kit page.

Here is the link for the parent kit and here for the professionals.